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I am a former geologist with research experience by various scientific organizations and countries (Israel, Roumania, Belgium and more), since more than a decade shifted to story telling as writer, journalist, and photographer.

I have contributed to magazines and newspapers in Italy (GEO, National Geographic, Wired, Espresso, Repubblica, Quitouring), Switzerland (Tages Anzeiger, Corriere del Ticino, Les Temps), Australia (Cosmos), Germany (Die Zeit, GEO, Deutsche Welle), El Pais (Spain), US (Science, The Huffington Post), and more.

I support scientific organizations in the development of communication strategies and tools (such as press offices), I lecture in science communication and dealing with the media (ETH Zurich; University of Zurich). I develop projects in various science communication fields (science events, science cafes, public lectures) and write science stories and expedition reportages for the media.

Mountain populations, ecology, biology, earth science, nature conservation and novel research are a focus in my work. Research in geomorphology, and journalism as well, brought me to explore nature and cultures around Europe and on all continents. I had the privilege to witness amazing sites, from the Geographic North Pole to the Giant Crystals cave in Mexico to the Baltoro Glacier and Antarctica.

I am texts-author of the coloring book: "Treasured Alps, Threatened Alps" (Schwabe 2017).

I am author of the popular science book: "La Scienza in Valigia" (Codice 2016) and: "La Scienza in Vetta" (Codice 2015). The books have been published in German language (Atlantik verlag).

I am author of kids book "Domitilla, Sos Operazione Terra ", (Scienzaexpress, 2012). See more here.

I am member of the International Federation of Journalists, of the Comedia Swiss syndacate of the media, of the Swiss Club of Science Journalists and of the Science Writers in Milan (SWIM) Italian association.

I share my interests not just with the public but with my family as well.

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