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Science Communication

Services for scientists and staff in scientific organizations.

I teach courses in science communication (writing, speaking, adding visuals to address different audiences). I support the design of activities that reflect the need for awareness, information, knowledge, interaction, participation of the public or within the organization.


Long-Term Projects:

2018 - 2020 Media and Communication Advisor: Horizon 2020 project QUEST - Quality and effectiveness in science and technology communication. EU SwafS action - Science with and for Society, re-examining the role of Science Communication. Venice International University (Italy).


Courses, lectures:

2019 Lecturer: Dealing with the Media. (Ca' Foscari, Graduate School, Venice).

2019 - 2018 - 2016 - 2015 - Lecturer- Science Journalism. International School of Science Journalism, Erice, Italy

2019 - Lecturer- Science Journalism. "How to turn a research paper into a compelling story". Bootcamp - Jacobs Social Entrepreneurs Inception Week. Jacobs Journalism Fellowship, Zurich, Switzerland.

2018 and starting from 2011 Lecturer: Science Communication (part of 'Plant Sciences and Policy' program). (Plant Science, ETH, UniZurich, Unibas ).

2018 - Short Lecture- Science Communication Accelerator. CMCC Annual Meeting 2018, Ugento, Italy

2018 - Short Course - Public Speaking for Scientists. 15th Summer School Solvation Science, Bochum, Germany

2018 - 2017 - 2015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012 - Lecturer: Effective Writing, Public Speaking, and Presentations (Workshop). Dealing with the media (Workshop). IIT - Genova, Milano and Lecce.

2018 Lecturer- Science Communication. Workshop preparation: Out of the Lab. South Tyrol's technology park, Bolzano, Italy

2017 Lecturer: Vincoli e possibilita' della comunicazione ambientale. MUSE, Trento.

2017 Lecturer: Science communication (Workshop). University of Venice, Ca Foscari - Venice (IT).

2015 Lecturer: Science Communication: Writing Skills Practice. (Ca' Foscari, Graduate School, Venice).

2015 Lecturer: Racconta la tua ricerca! Seminario. (Ca' Foscari, Graduate School, Venice).Foto qui.

2015 Lecturer: Public speaking. (Il Rasoio di Occam, Torino ).

2014 - Invited Lecturer: Science Journalism (at International Conference on Risk and Mitigation of Disaster in Banda Aceh, Indonesia). see the advertisment .

2013 - Lecturer: Science Journalism (at 'Journalism Workshop at the Shadow of K2' program - Ev-k2-CNR). (cover page ).

2012 - Invited Lecturer: Public Speaking (Workshop). CNR - Roma.

2011 - Invited Lecturer: Public Speaking. EMBL Hamburg (DE).

2011 - Lecturer: Environmental reporting, techniques and practices. School of Journalism "Walter Tobagi", Universita' degli Studi di Milano, Italy. See the seminar basic topics.

2010 - 2009 - 2008 -Lecturer: Science Communication in theory and practice: Science writing. ETH Zurich/ TOOLS ( ETH ). See the advertising.

2010 - 2008 - 2007 - Lecturer: Science Communication in theory and practice. Plant Science, ETH Zurich/Unibas (

2007 - Lecturer, Distinguished Visiting Fellow Science Communication Science Communication in theory and practice . RMIT, Monash and Melbourne University .

2006 - Lecturer: Science Communication in theory and practice. Plant Science, ETH Zurich/Unibas (


Conference moderation/Meeting moderation:

2019 - Moderator. Policies and incentives for science communication. Expert-based. Venice International University, Venice.

2017 - Moderator. Art & Climate - Alternative discussion moderated by Jacopo Pasotti, journalist and photoreporter . Ca' Foscari University, Venice.

2017 - Moderator. Dal Mediterraneo al Madagascar, la pesca del futuro. Trieste Next 2017, Trieste.

2015 - Moderator. Climate Change Conference, pre-COP21 Paris . Ca' Foscari University, Venice. Images here.

2014 - Moderator. Safer Transport in the Mediterranean . Organized by Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici .

2011 - Roundtable Moderator Science in Dialogue. , ETH Zurich, Switzerland.


Public Lectures/Conferences:

2018 - Invited speaker - Special lecture on Science Journalism. 15th Summer School Solvation Science, Bochum, Germany

2015 - Invited speaker - Breaking the Ice. 19th Alpine Glaciology Meeting (AGM), Milan, Italy

2015 - Invited speaker - Science journalism roundtable. Festival, Milan, Italy

2014 - Invited speaker - La Ricerca italiana in Karakorum. Presentation. Incontro con l'alpinista Agostino Da Polenza. Festival della Montagna, l'Aquila 2014, Italia.

2014 - Invited speaker - La Ricerca italiana in Antartide. Presentation. Triestenext 2014, Museo Revoltella, Trieste, Italia.

2014 - Invited speaker - Perche' i media non sanno comunicare il rischio?. Presentation. Convegno Nazionale sul Rischio Sismico. Ordine Nazionale dei Geologi, Italia.

2014 - Invited speaker - Science Communication in a Formula. See here a Slideshare presentation. Marie Curie Academic-Industrial Initial Training Network on Dynamic Molecular Nanostructures . Speech , Lyon, France.

2013 - Invited speaker - Comunicare la Scienza: per gli scienziati e' una corsa ad ostacoli. Seminar, Pavia, Italy

2012 - Panel Chair- PCST 2012 Media Skills Courses for Scientists: Ingredients and Recipes. Panel Chair. Florence, Italy (Program). Here presenting media expert Toss Gascoigne (Australia).

2008 - Balanced or unbalanced reporting? Controversial issues in the media Invited Lecturer. . University of Basel.

2007 - La Controversia Scientifica Nei Media Invited Speaker. L'innovazione biotecnologica e la tutela dei diritti fondamentali. Universit? degli studi di Milano-Bicocca.

2007 - Are the Maldives rising or sinking? Public event at RMIT, Melbourne, Australia.

2007 - "Il polo nord tra idea e realtà. Il polo visto dagli scienziati di ieri e di oggi". Presentato a WhiteStar Adventure. Oganizzato da Quark Expeditions.

2006 - "La Via della Scienza. La scienza ed il suo pubblico tra oriente ed occidente" Public Event. Festival della Scienza (  With Richard Stone - Science magazine Asian News Editor.



2014 - Public event at ESOF 2014. The Science Social Media Picnic. Coordinator. Copenaghen, Denmark. Sponsored by Public event at Festival della Scienza 2012: L'Arca di Noe' si Chiama Yasuni. Coordinator and chair. Genova, Italy. Hear an interview.

2010 - Taste of Science. Event design, management, and chair. Media event, promotion of biological research in Italy. European Science Open Forum (Turin, Italy). See: Tasteofscience .



2014 - Fellow. Science Communication Department , University of Western Australia.

2011 - Fellow: 13th Annual Science Immersion Workshop for Journalists. Metcalf Institute for Marine & Environmental Reporting. Rhode Island (USA).

2007 - Distinguished Visiting Fellow Science Communication. RMIT, Monash and Melbourne University .

2004 - Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) Fellowship. Master of Science in Science Communication. Australian National University, Centre for the Public Awareness of Science . Australia.

I offer support in design and production of:

°  Media releases
°  Information packs
°  Newsletters
°  Feature stories on research
°  Communication strategies
°  Planning and managing events
°  Editing of documents
°  Design of exhibits

Brochure corsi scrittura, parlare, media, comunicazione (Italiano). Donwload

About my courses in Science Communication

I base the courses on the idea that people learn more by doing than by listening. The courses are strongly oriented on discussion and exercises.

Workshops for early career scientists are designed as an introduction to issues in communicating science to non-specialist audiences. Workshops are based on practice and discussion. Since 2007 my workshops have supported more than 300 scientists.

Scientists learn basics of public perception, acceptance, and understanding of science and technology, writing techniques, dealing with the media, speaking to the public, communication of risk and uncertainty, and slide-based presentation.

See some impressions from my latest workshops for scientists.

check out a recent effective writing and speaking skills for scientists workshop evaluation. To get a figure of students' courses appreciation.

Science communication workshops please click here to take survey

About my activity as Conference Moderator

Science conferences are a chance to meet, discuss, share knowledge among science peers. They may, however, result in a loss of learning and sharing, if discussion is not stimulated, if a lively and active time organization is carefully care of. As a professional communicator and journalist I provide scientists with moderation at conferences, meetings, focus groups. I take care to direct the flow of presentations, trigger discussion, suggest perspectives. The overall aim to enhance exchange of views and meeting greatly improve with a net gain for those who organize and those who attend conferences or meetings. See a picture of myself in action at a technical conference in Operative Oceanography.