I am a professional photographer, focussing my work on environmental, geographic, travel, and social stories. I am an enthusiast of meeting people and spending time with them, and crossing lands and rivers, looking for where the landforms attract my attention the most. Or where there are pressing stories that need to be shown on pictures or videos.

I work in remote regions from Antarctica to the North Pole and the Svalbard Islands. But I was also in the Amazon and Madagascar, in Mongolia and Australia and up to the K2 base camp in the Karakoram.

With my story Resilient Innovation, I am proud selected photographer for the Earth Photo 2020, by the Royal Geographical Society of London.

My pictures on Community-Based management of natural resources from Mongolia, Madagascar and Bangladesh were exhibited at the Festival Food and Science in Mantova (2019), Festival di Altroconsumo in Milan (2019), Venice Climate Lab (2018).



360° Videomaking.




Floating Futures

A story of resilience, where farmers in Bangladesh adapt to changes and secure food using floating vegetable gardens.


Shared Horizons

Mongolian cattle herders and fishermen in Madagascar share ideas on how to adapt to environmental and socio-economic changes.


L’enigma del Karakorum

A differenza di altri ghiacciai del pianeta, quelli del Karakorum sembrano stabili o addirittura in avanzata. Una spedizione del CNR ha cercato di risolvere il mistero.


Nepal. One year after the big earthquake.

Thanks to the Earth Journalism Network Grant I reported on the recovery of Nepal after the 2015 earthquake.


Polar regions

I had the chance to visit, in different times and for different objectives, both the North Pole and the Antarctica, including Arctic regions in Alaska, Scandinavia.


The Sami path to change

The indigenous peoples of northern Europe ask for more autonomy to cope with climate change