My activity spans more than 20 years of reporting including Antarctica for National Geographic, the Arctic for GEO, mangroves ecosystems and the shrimp industry from Indonesia for The Huffington Post and National Geographic Indonesia, and the Pakistan and Nepal Himalaya for Scientific American (the Italian and German editions). I also had the privilege to report from the Cueva de Los Cristales, the giant crystals in Mexico for GEO and several other media. I produced videos from Italy and Bangladesh (co-produced) for the BBC. But my contribution list is not limited to this.

I report on science, environment, cultures, travel and exploration. I do my efforts to work side by side with scientists, research teams, and photographers. Through their eyes and experience, I may access surprising aspects of the natural world and culture. I share with the public the relationship between human hopes and our planet’s cultural and natural resources. I travel, trying to do it wisely and responsibly.

I received grants from the European Journalism Center, the Earth journalism grant,  and N-Ost.

I was awarded of the Premio Piazzano for scientific reporting (2011) and the Premio Internacional de Periodismo Ambiental Casa Mediterráneo (2010).

I was contributing to the N-Ost cross-border reporting cooperation toolkit. And I am often invited as a speaker or keynote speaker to comment or tell about reporting from the field, environmental journalism, the media.



Floating Futures

A story of resilience, where farmers in Bangladesh adapt to changes and secure food using floating vegetable gardens.


Shared Horizons

Mongolian cattle herders and fishermen in Madagascar share ideas on how to adapt to environmental and socio-economic changes.


Karakorum, la rivoluzione delle ragazze

In un villaggio sperduto a tremila metri d’altezza nella zona del Karakorum, due sorelle organizzano un campionato di calcio per superare gli stereotipi che imprigionano le ragazze


Jakarta, the midwife of the trash-pickers

A recycler from Jakarta who, when she doesn't collect plastic at the landfill, acts as a midwife


A Fistful of Shrimps

A social and environmental journalism project on the future of mangroves ecosystems and coastal communities in Indonesia


Polar regions

I visited, in different times and for different objectives, both the North Pole and the Antarctica, including Arctic regions in Alaska, Scandinavia, Russia.


Nepal. One year after the big earthquake.

Thanks to the Earth Journalism Network Grant I reported on the recovery of Nepal after the 2015 earthquake.


The cave stories

I had the privilege to follow speleologists in their explorations of incredible caves in Mexico, Philippines, Italy.


Smong. The Tsunami stories

10 years after the Christmas tsunami in Indonesia


Il vero Capo Nord

Meno noto di Nordkapp in Norvegia, Kinnarodden è il punto più a nord della terraferma del continente europeo.


The Sami path to change

The indigenous peoples of northern Europe ask for more autonomy to cope with climate change

Milestones (when repeating milestone, ranked with most recent date)

Speaker. Research Communication Week. “Comunicare la Crisi Climatica“. Ca Foscari University, Venezia, Italy.


Speaker. European Conference of Science Journalists 2022. “Climate reporting: it’s not the end of the world?”. Image here. Leiden, The Netherlands.


Speaker. Semana Jornalismo de Ambiente. Liga Para Protecao de Natureza, Portugal.


Invited speaker. Festival “Io Scelgo il Pianeta“, Bari. With photographer Fabiano Ventura and National Geographic Italia director Marco Cattaneo (poster here).


Invited speaker. Panel Discussion, #EUGreenWeek ICONS webinar. Cover image.


Invited speaker. The Newsroom Summit 2019, Oslo, Norway. Wan-Ifra.


Lecturer (years 2019, 2018, 2016). The Erice International School of Science Journalism Here an appreciation.


Chair. Panel on risk communication “Seduti su un vulcano (in zona sismica)” at the annual meeting of the Italian Association of Science Journalism SWIM.


Grant (round 7 – 2016, round 8 – 2017, round 10 – 2018) for social-environmental reporting via Innovation in Development Reporting grant programme .


Grant for climate-environmental reporting via Earth Journalism Network . One story on Wired (Italian language).


Fellow Metcalf Institute for Marine & Environmental Reporting University of Rhode Island College of the Environment and Life Sciences. US.


First prize at the Premio Internacional de Periodismo Ambiental Casa Mediterraneo (Spain).


Invited Distinguished Fellow at the RMIT in Melbourne (Australia). Lectures on science communication.


Intern at Science magazine (Cambridge, UK).


Master Course in Scientific Communication at the Centre for the Public Awareness of Science at the Australian National University . Since then I am fully involved in science communication.


Portfolio (a very selection of features and news)